The Bruges campus of the College of Europe offers very specialised programmes focusing on European Affairs. The host city is well known for its stunning beauty and is within easy reach of Brussels and the key EU and International institutions, think tanks, and other stakeholders in the European project.

Each year around 350 students from over 50 different countries come together to nurture and exchange ideas on the European project. Dynamic professors and small group teaching feature in its offer of a unique teaching and living experience. Students are housed in residences throughout the city and have access to a wide range of cultural and sporting activities.


The Natolin campus of the College of Europe is at the cutting edge of the academic study of new developments in the EU and neighbouring countries. Its interdisciplinary programme focuses on multilateral dimensions of the EU, and is complemented by two study trips which provide students with a wider perspective on Europe and its neighbourhoods.

Located on a historic estate and nature reserve, Natolin allows for a communal collegiate atmosphere, welcoming around 130 students from more than 30 countries each year. As an internationally-recognised centre of excellence, Natolin promotes debate, research, and training on topical European challenges, particularly in the areas of energy and climate transition, security, social movements, and media.

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EU Diplomacy Paper 3/2024

The Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies has published a new EU Diplomacy Paper entitled "The ‘Graveyard of Umpires’? The Hard-Learned Lessons that Afghanistan Taught EU...

Student life

Life at our Campuses

Learning, living, having meals and spending free time together all make up the unique communal experience of the College. They are at the heart of what is known as the ‘College spirit’ or ‘l'esprit du Collège’. This spirit is defined by solidarity, respect, openness, teamwork and taking care of one another.

In such an inclusive environment students are empowered not only to excel academically, but also to be creative and develop their soft and interpersonal skills by organising and taking part in numerous extracurricular events and leisure activities. The campus becomes their home for ten months and they are invited to make the most of this experience.

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