Natolin Pledge 1 // Regular testing

In the previous academic year our first round of COVID-19 testing for the whole student community began even before their arrival on campus. All students and visiting professors were asked to take a PCR test, refunded by the College of Europe in Natolin, prior to arriving at our premises. Every member of staff, even those who do not have regular contact with students, was tested as well.

We continue to organise tests for the whole student community throughout the academic year. We are currently using the antigen method, which provides much faster results than PCR tests do, which meant that students did not need to self-isolate while awaiting test results.

In addition to community-wide testing, we also organise and finance tests for any student who displays symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection and for those who had close contact with infected persons. We are supported by a professional Polish testing lab, with which we signed a contract.

Any student who tests positive or who has been in close contact with an infected person is required to isolate in their rooms in the student residences. We pledge to support them fully throughout this period.