• How will the CoE courses be organised, in classrooms or via online course?
    The courses will be taught in the classrooms (small-group teaching) with the necessary distance between each student and the obligation to wear a mask provided by the College. In some cases due to the impossibility for the professor to move to Bruges, classes could be followed remotely.
  • What does the CoE means with the "small-group teaching" procedure?
    In such cases there will be a rotation organised in a way that the presence of students will alternate. At the same time the other students will follow the course remotely. 
  • What about the events and other seminars and conferences that are usually held by the College during the academic year. How will they take place?
    These events will be maintained with the necessary distancing measures between lecturers/panels and audience.
  • In case the circumstances do not permit physical presence of the students, do you intend the students to attend the courses online from their countries?
    Yes indeed. Some students from specific nationalities might be prevented from arriving in time because of travel restrictions. The CoE will take all necessary action to allow those students to participate in courses remotely until the respective restrictions are lifted and the student can join the College. The CoE uses the Webex system which was already experimented with great success from mid-March (till the end of the semester at the end of April).
  • In such a case, is there any provision about how the fees will be altered and how their calculation would be? 
    Academic fees as such will not be affected by this academic/technical approach (because the courses will be maintained and taught remotely) but there would certainly be a logical and proportional reduction in the board & lodging costs.
  • When it’s not possible to provide the proof of knowledge of French/English language as requested, due to Covid-19,  does a certification by a language tutor indicating the level of French/English suffice?
    Yes, indeed, we will show a certain flexibility and will accept a certification delivered by a language tutor.