Academic programme

The first semester study programme, entitled “ Widening Perspectives on European Integration , aims to broaden students’ perspectives and complement their disciplinary specialisations. With that in mind, students will have the opportunity to explore philosophical, sociological, historical and civilisational aspects of European integration or interdisciplinary perspectives, such as the rule of law or the challenges and transformations of an enlarged EU.

The second semester study programme, entitled “Constructing European Societies, invites students to critically analyse the challenges faced by European societies and the continued impact that they will have into the future (for example, EU external relations, the effects of digital and media transformation, demographic and migration questions, professionalisation of the EU’s political, administrative, judicial and economic staff etc.). In their professional careers, the students of the College of Europe will contribute to the construction of tomorrow’s European societies and an understanding of these questions will be particularly important. Furthermore and in relation to professionalisation, students will benefit from more specialised classes and the additional teaching and insights of practitioners.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to take part in compact seminars to develop their skills (for example, leadership or communication), participate in conferences and colloquia organised by the programme. EG contributes to the organisation of the European Law Moot Court and the Concours européen des Droits de l'Homme René Cassin. 

Courses of the European General Studies Programme account for 25 contact hours each.
The workload in all the courses is equivalent in the entire study programme.