College of Europe Career Days 2023

About the College of Europe 

The College of Europe was the first and remains one of the most reputed institutes of postgraduate European studies.  

Every year, it trains postgraduates from Europe and beyond in European Politics and Governance, Law, Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, Transatlantic Affairs and Interdisciplinary Studies. 

The College's reputation lies in attracting top international professors and practitioners and the best university students. The College engages young people in active debates and conferences on current European issues, as part of their intensive study programme. 

About 450 graduates each year leave the College from both the Bruges and Natolin campuses with in-depth knowledge of their particular specialization fields and of the EU institutions, policies and decision-making processes. In addition, they develop, during their time on campus, very advanced communication, intercultural and business skills.  

The 17000 College alumni are professionally active all over the world in a variety of sectors, and many of them are in key positions in the public, private and non-profit sectors, in national and international organisations and institutions. 

The Careers Days 2023 (16-17 March 2023)

Please, note that all available spots have been booked. In case you would like to receive an invitation for the Career Days 2024, feel free to write to

In order to facilitate the connection between the College community and potential employers in all fields, the College organises yearly Career Days and gives the possibility to access the CV database containing the students’ CVs. 

At the Careers Days, you have the opportunity to present your company to the students, but also to interview them and meet other representatives of other companies and organizations. This year, the Career Days will be on the 16th and 17th of March 2023 in Bruges. 

Your participation gives you automatic access to the CV database. For the participation in the event, a contribution is asked. The contribution includes the access to the CV database, 2 seated networking lunches, a room to conduct interviews, internet access, refreshments, logistical support on the day itself and displaying of informative material. See below the Terms and Conditions. 

The CV Database 

You can always request access to the CV database. Once access is granted, you will have access until 1/12/2023. 

The CV database is a password-protected website. You will be able to search and sort CVs according to certain parameters. Note that you will have access to the database from the moment you are granted access until the 1st of December 2023 and can contact the students and set up interviews whenever you want, not only during the Career Days. Therefore, you can decide to not participate in the Career Days and get access to the database only. For access to the CV database, a contribution is asked. See below the Terms and Conditions.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email with your credentials and explanation to access the database. There is no deadline to register.

Other Services 

The College of Europe is keen on collaborating with potential employers. You can contact the Careers Office to disseminate your job ads within the College community and collaborate with us to deliver a conference or a professionalization event for the students. These services are provided free of charge. 

If you cannot attend our Career Days, but you are interested in recruiting College students or presenting your company please contact us.

Terms and Conditions 

Please note that your registration will have to be confirmed by the College of Europe, as the College reserves the right to select the participants notably due to the number of companies that it can welcome and/or to safeguard the privacy of its students. Your participation will be confirmed by e-mail.

The College of Europe is a non-profit foundation. For the access to the CV database (access valid from the moment you received your username and password until the 1st December 2023) we ask a contribution of 250 EUR (VAT Excluded). For the participation to the Career Days, we ask a contribution that includes the access to the CV database, 2 networking seated lunches, a room to conduct interviews, internet access, refreshments, logistical support on the day itself and display of informative material. The contribution amounts to 500 EUR (VAT Excluded). A 100 EUR discount is given to NGOs and first-time participants. Public institutions can participate free of charge. These contributions are used to offer professionalization opportunities to the students (trainers' fee, cover costs associated to events etc). Once your registration is confirmed, the Financial Service will send you an invoice. Thank you for supporting the College of Europe! 



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