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GERARD D., NICOLAIDES Ph. & WALKER M. - Joint Seminar for Case Analysis : EU Competition, Network Industries and Regulation (50h)


At the end of the course, law students will be able to integrate economic analysis in their reasoning and economists will learn legal rules can impact on economic reasoning and methods. Students will become acquainted with advanced topics in all areas of competition law and policy in the European Union, including abuse of dominance (Art. 102 TFEU), illegal agreements between undertakings (Art. 101 TFEU), merger control and state aid. Students will combine legal and economic analysis to critically assess real-life cases. They will develop ability to comprehend theoretical material as well as understand complex legal and policy documents, and to form their own opinion on crucial aspects of competition law and economics.

Professors: Damien GÉRARD, Phedon NICOLAIDES & Mike WALKER