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WONGSURAWAT, W. - The Empire Strikes Back: Decolonization in Asia and its Impact on Europe (20h)

This course explains the origins, course and consequences of decolonization in the European empires in Asia. It begins with the period from the Great War to the Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. This is mostly about the rise of nationalist sentiments in Asia in the interwar period and developments during the Second World War in Far East that led to postwar decolonization. It covers problems of Decolonization and the rise of nation-states in Asia, focusing on the process of decolonization in South and Southeast Asia, especially in the former British and Dutch empires.

The next part deals with the Cold War and the Non-Aligned Movement, focusing on Southeast Asia, especially the Vietnam War, the civil wars in Laos and Cambodia, the rise of the Non-Aligned Movement and the massacre in Indonesia in 1965-66. After that it covers the Post-Cold War, ASEAN and return of Europe in the China Century. This part is mostly on Post-Cold War developments in Southeast Asia, especially ASEAN, the rise of Chinese influence in the region (including the One Belt One Road policy) and the return of Europe in Asia in the post-Cold War/Globalized era. Finally it briefly considers the impact of migration from former colonies into the former imperial states of north-western Europe. // ECTS Card

Professor: Wasana WONSGURAWAT