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COLOMINA SALO C. - Public Relations and Communications Management (25h)

The objective of the course is to analyse and understand how the EU institutions manage their Public Relations and Communications strategies and practices, while defining the challenges and opportunities posed by the current situation and the uniqueness of the European environment. It is difficult to find a moment in the EU’s history when the reputation of its structures (institutions and agencies) as well as policies have been more severely criticised. The course will therefore address the weaknesses and the potential of Public Relations and Communications, looking at its evolution, daily practices and their adaptation to the future, shaped by extraordinary technological challenges already impacting practices and procedures. Among the key areas of study will be the foundations of communications in the EU; reputation and crisis management; engagement with different audiences; as well as the organisation and practices of actors and stakeholders. This course offers theoretical foundations and a hands-on approach to build a solid European perspective on strategic communications.

Professor: Carmen COLOMINA SALO

ECTS card 2018-2019