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COUTURIER J. - European Business and Corporate Strategy (25h)


At the end of the course, the student will:

  • be able to understand the nature of strategic making processes and to apply fundamental theories and frameworks for devising business and corporate strategies in a European context;
  • gain a profound insight into the rationale for the diversification, internationalization and Europeanization of firms. A focus will be put on the challenges of mergers and acquisitions in a  European context and on the opportunities created by the European economic integration;
  • have developed his/her capabilities to design strategic choices for the corporation and understand how to develop a competitive advantage. In particular, he/she will enhance his/her critical thinking and decision making for strategic management, at both individual and collective levels;
  • finally, the student will be able to make connections between theory and practice through real life cases, e.g. understand the impact of corporate social responsibility on strategic management.

Professor: Jerome COUTURIER

Course outline