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DUMONT Beatrice & HOLMES Peter - Regulation in Online and Digital Markets (10h)

The digital economy is undergoing a massive transformation, with accompanying disruption, as the PC-web browser centric ecosystem shifts to a mobile-app-centric ecosystem. That transformation has resulted in the “sharing economy,” the “gig-economy”, the “matchmaking-economy” and the “app-economy” to use some of phrases that dominate today’s conversations. The inability of prescriptive, ex-ante regulations stress the need to tailor new regulations and digital safeguards to keep pace with the dynamisms of digital products and markets. This course will cover the unique business models followed by Internet-based companies; explore the changes in market structures that have taken place in the last few years as a result of the move to mobile; and consider some of the key competition policy and regulatory issues being debated today. More precisely, we will analyze the modes of regulation of the markets in renewal, to anticipate and evaluate the modes of regulation which could prevail in the medium and long term. How can one anticipates the convergence/coordination of the regulations resulting from the “convergence” of the networks, the services, the uses? Can one measure the effects of the modes of regulation on innovation, growth, well-being of the consumers, in all dimensions of diffusion of the equipment, the services, the uses (penetration/equalization/segmentation). Which consequences can one draw on the formation of the markets? Which is the impact of the phenomena of “long tail” and “hyper segmentation”? Which are the consequences of this users implication on the protection of privacy on the one hand, and on the risks of exclusion of the users little or not implicated, on the other hand? // ECTS Card

Professors: Beatrice DUMONT & Peter HOLMES