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FRÖHLICH S. - Transatlantic Relations (25h)

This course examines the key political-institutional, (geo)-strategic, economic and socio-cultural issues in current transatlantic relations. After an introductory session including a review of the history of US-European relations during the Cold War, the first part of the course will analyse the structural changes and paradigm shifts in the relationship from the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1989/90 until today. The second part will analyse the driving forces behind the differences and commonalities in the strategic outlook among both sides and how these translate into foreign policies and open disputes particularly under the Trump administration. It will look at the relevant Security Strategies, and the strategic answers (e.g. NATO vs. ‘coalitions of the willing’) to common threats and challenges particularly in the Greater Middle East. In the third part, the course will examine transatlantic economic links and explain why both sides have developed partly different instruments to shape and manage the global economy. In this context, other relevant global challenges, such as energy security, will also be dealt with. The fourth part will explore how the future transatlantic agenda will be shaped by emerging powers, such as China and Russia.

Professor: Stefan FRÖHLICH

ECTS card 2018-2019