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KASSIM H. - Understanding Brexit : Causes, Consequences and Challenges (8h)

Professor Hussein KASSIM, University of East Anglia (UEA) and Visiting Professor, College of Europe

The June 2016 referendum represents an historic juncture for both the UK and the EU. The effect of the vote has already been dramatic, and the impact of UK’s departure from the EU promises to be wide-ranging and far-reaching for both sides. Addressing these issues, this workshop has three main aims. The first is to situate the referendum – why it was called, the arguments made during the campaign, and the result – in the context of British politics, the UK’s ambivalent relationship with the EU, and a long-standing discussion about Britain’s place in the world. The second is to examine developments since the referendum. It looks at the actions of the UK government and UK politics since June 2016, the reaction of EU institutions and the member states, and the Article 50 negotiations – the process, what’s at stake, the key milestones, and the possible outcomes. A third aim is to examine interpretations of the vote – is it, for example, useful to regard the referendum results an instance of populism? – and to explore the wider effects and implications of Brexit in the UK and beyond.

The workshop will draw on primary and secondary texts, as well as the grey literature. 

Professor Kassim is also Research leader on ‘Negotiating Brexit: national governments, EU institutions, & the UK