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MATTELAER A. - European Defence Cooperation and NATO (25h)

This course aims to familiarise students with the key debates that European defence ministries are grappling with, and will explore the dynamic interplay between national defence policies and multilateral defence cooperation as it unfolds within NATO and the EU. After reviewing the history of defence cooperation in Europe, it will zoom in on selected topics such as the joint formulation of defence policy, the interplay between national and multilateral defence planning, military campaign design, the use of deterrence strategies and nuclear weapons, the acquisition of military capabilities (including European defence industrial aspects), training and force readiness, intelligence cooperation and the defence budgeting process. Throughout the course, reference will be made to the evolving NATO and EU policy agendas, starting from the 2016 NATO Warsaw Summit and the presentation of the EU Global Strategy. 

Professor: Alexander MATTELAER

ECTS card 2018-2019