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RADAELLI C. - Regulatory Reform in the EU : Analysis and Practice (8h)



In this workshop we discuss the European Union’s new Better Regulation strategy: where does it come from? Do key-words like ‘closing the policy cycle’, ‘enhancing consultation’, and ‘reducing red tape on European firms and citizens’ represent feasible objectives? If so, what has been achieved so far? How does the constellation of political actors, policy problems, and policy instruments looks like? How can the EU regulate ‘better’ for growth and competitiveness? What’s in it for EU citizens? Can regulatory indicators capture success or failure, and make the EU accountable for regulatory reform progress? 

We will answer these questions by building practical knowledge around the toolbox of better regulation, with emphasis on impact assessment, consultation and policy evaluation. We will then relate policy instruments to the life cycle of regulatory policy, introducing and discussing regulatory oversight, ex-post evaluation and indicators of regulatory management. 

The workshop is practical-analytical (as opposed to theoretical-conceptual), with examples and case studies from the real-world of EU regulatory reform. 

Professor Claudio RADAELLI