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SCHELHASE M. - Analysis and Management of Political Risk for EU Policies and Business (25h)

The study of risk has become increasingly prominent over recent decades, and the language of risk has emerged as a dominating feature of contemporary policy making and policy analysis. Part of this conception of risk is political risk, and here in particular the analysis and management of it.

Political risk analysis, for the purpose of this course, focuses on the analysis of risks faced by investors, governments and the European Union (EU) as a whole. On the one hand, it evaluates the political context in which investments take place, taking into account not only government or EU policies towards the economy, for example regulatory regimes, but also other risks such as political violence, corruption, organised crime, or social and environmental risks. On the other hand, as the 2008 financial crisis and the debt crisis in Europe have demonstrated, political risks arising from these crises have very real and often deeply disruptive effects on national, regional and global levels. Recent events such as the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, Brexit and the election of US President Donald Trump are also timely reminders of the relevance of political risk analysis.

The course strikes a balance between an understanding of – and critical reflection on – the theoretical aspects of risk and practical insights into risk management. Based on an understanding of the wider concept of risk, the aim of the course is therefore to provide students with a solid understanding of political risks. Consequently, the course will enable students to think strategically about not just how to identify risks, but also how to evaluate and manage those risks.

Professor: Marc SCHELHASE

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