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WIŚNIEWSKI Rafał - Public Diplomacy (8h)

Public diplomacy (PD) as a two-way engagement of diplomacy with a foreign public and its diverse, non-state representatives has in recent years ceased to be only a peripheral activity of national and international organisations’ diplomats. In fact, for a rapidly growing number of countries, organisations and companies with international outreach, PD becomes a new, smart pillar of their practice, though very different from the traditional „state representative with state representative” model of functioning or one-way distribution of information. Even the very common perception of PD as part of only “soft power” starts to be questioned, as some countries’ failures in the “soft” field resulted in very “hard” consequences.

PD is especially important for relations between countries linked by various bonds, both constructive and negative ones, with a high degree of publicly known interdependence. 

Thanks to their (inter)active participation in the workshop students will:

- understand and discuss contemporary views on the role and place of PD in international relations;

- learn about the key determinants of effective PD performance in an increasingly complex, competitive international environment;

- have the opportunity to test their own skills in the area of PD simulated projection and implementation, to become aware of their strengths and areas of need. // ECTS Card

Professor: Rafał WIŚNIEWSKI