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BUSCHLE Dirk - Internal and External Dimensions of the EU Energy Policy (20h)

While the energy governance inside the European Union is evolving and focuses increasingly on decarbonisation, the external energy relations have been and still are determined by the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels, in particular natural gas. Europe’s gas is essentially produced by its direct neighbours. After several gas crisis in Ukraine, Europe’s external energy strategy has aimed at diversification of gas sources and routes. The seminar will look into the evolution of the EU’s external energy relations, including its manifestations in supporting and challenging infrastructure (pipelines, LNG terminals, etc.), the governance of bilateral and multilateral relations with third countries (Russia, Eastern Partnership, Norway, the Balkans, the Mediterranean etc.), but also its future challenges stemming from decarbonisation, digitalization and decentralization. A particular focus will be on the evolution of governance, and more specifically on external relations based on the export of EU acquis. The course will include a number of case studies based on the teacher’s own experience. Students will be invited to actively participate in debates on selected issues of current interest.// ECTS Card

Professor: Dirk BUSCHLE