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DAMRO C. & SCHUNZ S. - External Aspects of EU Internal Policies (20h)

This course investigates the oft-overlooked external aspects of EU internal policies. While conveying insights into a range of ever more important areas of EU external activity, it also strives for a critical, theory-informed reflection on this activity. Section 1 provides an introduction to various theories and concepts related to the EU as a global actor. The section explores different conceptualisations of the EU as an actor and a power in the international system, to the extent that these are relevant for developing an analytical framework aimed at understanding and assessing the external aspects of EU internal policies. Based on this framework, Sections 2 to 4 engage in a closer examination of specific policy areas by exploring the development of the Single Market and the external aspects of EU competition policy as well as the external dimensions of EU agricultural, environmental, energy, migration, cultural and research policies. Section 5 provides a comparative summary of the studied policy areas and concludes with insights on how and why the external aspects of EU internal policies matter.

Professors: Chad DAMRO & Simon SCHUNZ

ECTS card 2019-20