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KIMBER Anneli - Strategic Communication in a Digital Age (8h)

In recent years, strategic communication has started to establish itself within the European Union as a key element for successful policy-making and as a pillar of effective security. Our political leaders are increasingly highlighting the importance of addressing disinformation; academia and think tanks produce studies; officials meet and discuss strategic communication regularly; disinformation experts provide better analysis and practitioners are delivering targeted communication campaigns.

So what is strategic communication within this context? A security policy, a communication practice or a research focus? Is it fighting hostile disinformation, supporting independent media or communicating your own policies better? What does it take in practice to be successful in strategic communication?

The aim of this course is to enhance participants’ knowledge of the European Union’s strategic communications vis-à-vis its Eastern Neighbourhood seen through the lens of the present day digital communication environment. It aims to develop a critical understanding of the concept and practice of strategic communication as well as explain how EU institutions have adapted to it. To appreciate this complex field from multiple perspectives, students will also discover how different EU Member States think about and put into practice their own strategic communication activities.

Workshop-style teaching will combine academic study with current practice, enabling students to develop and apply skills and gaining a good understanding of the subject areas, thereby enhancing their career potential in this field.

Teaching materials include real-life examples such as communication campaigns run by the East Stratcom Task Force, a simulation of a disinformation attack, analytical articles, topical studies and relevant books. The teaching style is highly participatory and interactive. Students are expected to engage in short-term assignments between lectures. // ECTS Card

Professor: Anneli KIMBER