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PELKMANS J. - Economics of EU Network Industries (30h)

At the end of this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the conceptual and practical toolbox encompassing cross-border liberalisation, competition policy and regulation developed in EU policy on network industries, highlighting their evolution and the challenges they pose from both an economic and a policy perspective.

The course will equip students with the conceptual framework – economic and regulatory, necessary to understand the role of EU network industries in the EU single market and with up-to- date knowledge of the regulatory tools deployed across them. It will therefore enable them to understand the current and the upcoming policy questions in a crucial part of the EU economy both in terms of its size and, strategically given their ‘input’ function in other sectors, as a key enabler of the well-being of EU citizens and businesses.

The six network markets which will be dealt with during the course are:

  1. Electronic communications and the internet;
  2. Broadcasting and the digital media;
  3. Air transport;
  4. Rail;
  5. Electricity;
  6. Gas.

Professor: Jacques PELKMANS

Academic Assistant: Diego VILLAFÁÑEZ SAGARDOY