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SCOTT-SMITH Giles - The United States in the EU's Neighbourhood (8h)

This course seeks to deepen students' understanding of European history through the presentation and discussion of their own work and interests with a focus on primary sources. It brings together all those enrolled on the European History and Civilization major in a seminar which is intended to provide mutual support and develop skills of critical interpretation of sources, as well as skills of presentation, listening and constructive questioning.

The exact content of the course varies to cater for participants' interests, potentially reaching from classical antiquity to the present. Diverse approaches and methods, including cultural, intellectual, religious, economic, social, political, military and constitutional history, can be explored as well as debates on the nature of historical knowledge and the purposes of history as a discipline. Comparative and transnational perspectives are encouraged. Each student and participating member of staff makes a presentation about their own historical work using selected primary sources. // ECTS Card

Professor: Giles SCOTT-SMITH