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TRIEBERT Christiaan - Digital Forensics and Deep Research Skills (8h)

The sheer quantity of publicly accessible, or ‘open source’ information, has permeated the fields of modern journalism, military intelligence, and human rights advocacy — to name a few. Driven by the huge expansion of the Internet and the widespread use of new communication technologies like smart phones and social media, this unprecedented amount of virtual information will continue to grow and influence us both socially and professionally.

While the Information Revolution has been hailed as transforming global connectivity and transparency, tits drawbacks have become manifest in the ‘post-truth era’ of ‘alternative facts’ and disinformation. Verifying the accuracy of information shared online has thus become a critical skill for anyone conducting research.

This workshop course introduces students to the emerging field of online open source investigation, sometimes referred to as open source intelligence (OSINT). The course will introduce information gathering practices from open sources and social media, how to verify the accuracy of digital information using online tools, and advanced analytical methods such as geolocation and time determination. The ethics, limits, and digital security of conducting open-source investigation will also be discussed. During this course, students will conduct interactive, hands-on exercises to verify and analyse current events. // ECTS Card

Professor: Christiaan TRIEBERT