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ULLRICH H. - Protecting Innovation and Creation by Intellectual Property : The EU Framework (25h)

Intellectual property, in particular copyright, designs and patents, covers innovative and creative human achievements. Its protection develops according to technological change. The purpose of the seminar is not to cover the entire field. Rather, its objective is to introduce into the principles of protection, to examine its basic economic and political problems, and to present the perspectives of its development in the EU, including the new challenges resulting from the Brexit. The first part will cover the structural features of existing EU intellectual property law. For students who are not yet familiar with intellectual property law, this first part is also intended as an introduction into the system of protection. In the second part, the practical operation and the limits of protection will be illustrated in regard of selected areas of protection that are either politically sensitive or characterized by rapid technological change or both. In the third part, the focus will be on the future development of EU intellectual property protection and on its interaction with international trade relations.

Professor: Hanns ULLRICH


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