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AVERRE Derek - Contemporary Russian Foreign Policy and EU-Russia Relations (20h)

This course will examine in-depth a range of key issues in Russian foreign policy-making and Russia’s contemporary international relations. The aim is to acquaint students with conceptual and empirical material within a broader international politics framework; no prior specialist knowledge of these topics is needed but students will be encouraged to undertake extensive study in order to gain a comprehensive appreciation of the issues we will be dealing with.

The first week of the course will deal with the historical background from the time of the Soviet Union, domestic factors in Russian foreign policy, Russia’s role in international organisations and its evolving relations with the European Union. The second part of the course will examine Russia’s relations with major states and regions beyond Europe before going on to take a thematic approach and look at various aspects of Russia’s foreign and security policy.

By the end of the course students will be able to discuss and write fluently about Russian foreign policy topics in the context of current international events, with an in-depth understanding of regional and international contexts. This optional specialist course will be taught by Dr Derek Averre, primarily in a lecture format while allowing some time for discussion with the audience on key themes in Russian foreign policy. // ECTS Card

Professor: Derek AVERRE