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BADARIN Emile - The EU, its Neighbourhood and the Politics of Recognition (8h)

This compact seminar aims to introduce students to the politics of state recognition in international politics with a particular focus on the EU’s approach and selected cases in its wider neighbourhood. The seminar engages students with the various dimensions of state recognition from theoretical, historical, legal and political perspectives. These dimensions will be further discussed in relation to specific empirical cases of state recognition such as Palestine, Western Sahara and Kosovo. Other cases will feature throughout the seminars. Upon the completion of this compact seminar, students should expect to acquire well-grounded theoretical, conceptual and empirical understanding and insights into the state recognition politics. Students will also gain insider knowledge and details to help them build a nuanced understanding of the recognition-related conflicts and struggles within the EU’s wider Neighbourhood and neighbouring countries. Although it is primarily focused on state recognition, the course offers a nonutilitarian model for understanding conflicts.

This eight-hour compact seminar consists of five sessions over three weeks. The teaching style is participatory. Each session features in-depth discussion on a specific topic based on the required learnings. Students are expected to complete the required reading and other learning material before the seminar to ensure productive and informed participation in the discussions. Each session is also an opportunity for students to ask questions and receive immediate clarification and feedback. At the end of each session, the convener will briefly outline the topic of the next seminar to facilitate students’ critical engagement with reading. The seminar is based on interactive discussions of textual and visual teaching material. // ECTS Card

Professor: Emile BADARIN