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BOURIS Dimitris - The EU and State-building in the Southern Neighbourhood (10h)

The aim of this compact seminar is to provide students with insights on the European Union’s role as a state-builder in the Southern Neighbourhood. The seminar will start by offering an overview of the distinctive role of the EU as a state-builder and the multi-level context in which the EU is playing this role. While such an analysis is embedded in the liberal(ist) school of thought, the seminar will also discuss the different tools and policies that the EU has at its disposal in order to be an effective state-builder. Ideally, the conceptual discussion will help students to identify some key parameters which, in turn, could facilitate possible benchmarking efforts destined to test the effectiveness of the context EU state-building activities in its Southern Neighbourhood and beyond.Drawing on this, the seminar will move to provide students with an empirical analysis of the EU’s state-building efforts in the Southern Neighbourhood. To this end, three case studies have been chosen which represent different kinds of EU engagement and EU-led state-building in the Southern Neighbourhood; Libya, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. By analyzing and comparing the different realities and particularities of these three cases, the seminar aims at engaging in an active debate on the potentials and limits of EU state-building ambitions in the Southern Neighbourhood, lessons learnt and challenges ahead. // ECTS Card

Professor: Dimitris BOURIS