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BUSCHLE Dirk - Internal and External Dimensions of the EU Energy Policy (20h)

The energy sector has been at the heart of the European integration project from the early days. There is also no sector more fundamental to our societies, economies and individual lives. A motor of the industrial revolution and globalization, as well as a subject of geopolitical conflict, it is increasingly being viewed from yet another perspective: decarbonization. Our traditional ways to produce and consume energy are the reasons behind climate change, mankind’s biggest challenge in the 21st century. The Green Deal has become a new narrative for the integration process. Bold and smart energy policy changes rare also necessary for the way out of the global warming crisis. We are already in an energy transition, which will profoundly affect the way we are living in Europe and beyond. This transition will bring a multitude of challenges, from disruptive innovation to green finance, to inequalities and old and new geopolitical conflicts. Future decision-makers should be prepared to meet these challenges, and have the tools and the knowledge needed to make the transition a success.  

What is key in this respect is understanding governance – the objectives, instruments, processes and institutions shaping the Green Deal. Within the European Union, the energy governance has significantly evolved over the last few years, and will continue to do so. At the same time, Europe’s evolving energy governance is closely and increasingly intertwined with global developments such as the Paris Agreement or trade with China. At the same time, the external energy relations have been and still are determined by the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels, in particular natural gas. After several gas crises in Ukraine, Europe’s external energy strategy has aimed at diversification of gas sources and routes. The seminar will also look into the evolution of the EU’s external energy relations, including its manifestations in supporting and challenging infrastructure, the governance of bilateral and multilateral relations with third countries and the future challenges stemming from decarbonisation, digitalization and decentralization. // ECTS Card

Professor: Dirk BUSCHLE