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CARVIN Andy - Digital Diplomacy (8h)

This course will expose students to the dynamic challenges of monitoring, identifying and responding to disinformation in real time during a diplomatic crisis. Students will be presented with scenarios in which potential disinformation could interfere with elections, bilateral relations or regional stability. Students will play different roles in the simulation as they process each scenario, make decisions on how to respond, and understand the various outcomes of their decisions.

While part of the simulation will be to determine the veracity of potential disinformation, students will be expected to respond creatively about how to respond diplomatically, no matter the disinformation’s provenance. Students will come up with recommendations on responded to an incident in real-time, as well as making longer-term policy recommendations regarding how to better prepare for future disinfo-driven crises.

Given the baseline digital literacy required for such a simulation, students will be expected to have experience on social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. Laptops are also required. Students will be expected to read several reports included in the course bibliography prior to class. // ECTS Card

Professor: Andy CARVIN