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GOLDTHAU A. - EU External Energy Policy (25h)

This course explores the external dimension of EU energy policy. It introduces students to the specific logics underpinning of European and international energy markets; explores the various drivers of the EU external energy policy, including supply security and the low carbon transition ; and assesses the implications for the EU’s strategy as a global energy actor. Core themes covered in the course include Europe’s position in a rapidly changing international political economy of natural gas, the geopolitics of EU-Russia energy relations, the extraterritorial effect of EU energy regulation, frameworks of regional cooperation such as the European Energy Community, and the implications of the low carbon transition for Europe’s energy security and external energy strategy. While the course offers a conceptual toolbox for assessing the external dimension of EU energy policy, most emphasis is placed on delving into contemporary challenges, developments and policies as applied. To this end, it works with quizzes, case studies and class debates on pertinent issues.

Professor: Andreas GOLDTHAU

ECTS card 2020-2021