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GÓRA Marek - The Political Economy of Welfare States in Europe (20h)

This course focuses on a critical analysis of welfare state institutions in contemporary European Economies. Europe – not only in the narrow EU sense, but also in more general sense – has a long and strong tradition of equalizing economic growth and social development. Reaching social goals requires devoting economic ones and vice versa. Is that really the only approach available for Europe? In this course the above alternative is questioned. The 21st century requires redefining of the welfare state. Its goals should stay more or less unchanged. However, methods to reach the goals have to be adjusted to the current and expected social, demographic and economic circumstances. In particular the intergenerational fairness of institutions should be critically discussed. In the course an attempt is made to draw a picture of non-competing social and economic goals. This can be achieved by going beyond the well-known alternative, namely: equity or efficiency. // ECTS Card

Professor: Marek GÓRA