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JELISIĆ J. - Public Diplomacy : National and EU Perspectives (8h)

Public diplomacy is an indispensable tool of international relations, which in the 21st century involves not only sovereign states but also numerous other actors and networks. It allows states and international administrations to foster mutual trust and establish productive relationships. Its stature and importance in both foreign policy and academia keeps growing as its nature keeps adjusting to the demands of the international environment which in recent years has been additionally burdened by a possibility for instant and continuous manipulation of information space. In this compact seminar, public diplomacy is presented as a tool for national and international actors to engage and reach out to foreign publics with the goal of securing the understanding of foreign policy objectives. The seminar offers an opportunity to discuss the misconceptions of public diplomacy and the challenges of practicing public diplomacy at the age of manipulation with "competing narratives". The seminar will provide an opportunity for students to conceptualise and implement public diplomacy actions within a practical exercise that will test their understanding of the methods and techniques involved.

Professor: Jasna JELISIC