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JONES Alison & PEEPERKORN Lucas - EU Competition Policy (20h)

The course aims to provide students with the basic knowledge of the competition law of the European Union taking into account both economic principles, wider policy issues and the importance of competition law and policy to the efficient functioning of the internal market. It will also consider how the rules are enforced, key principles of EU competition law and the way in which competition law contributes to encourage competitiveness, innovation and investments by firms. Infringements of competition rules may result in high fines, private damages claims and reputational damage, all of which makes the companies and private persons more aware of both the applicable rules and the risks of ignoring them. The main aspects of competition law are examined, including substantive areas such as horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of dominance and merger control. // ECTS Card

Professors: Alison JONES & Luc PEEPERKORN