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JORGENSEN Knud Erik - The Foreign Policy of the EU (20h)

The aim of this course is to make students familiar with analytical tools that can help them to better understand EU foreign policy. The course is an introduction to the study of the European Union’s role in world politics, including contemporary dilemmas and challenges. New emerging powers, changing transatlantic relations and limited energy resources imply that many European foreign policy axioms have to be reconsidered – a notoriously difficult exercise. Furthermore, in the making of EU foreign policy, decision-makers have to take the EU’s international identity, well-established interests and foreign policy traditions into account. The distribution of EU global power shows considerable variation across time, space and issue areas. The course will highlight interplays – positive and negative – between national and EU levels of foreign policy.

The course is problem oriented, designed to encourage students to engage in building an understanding of the dilemmas of European foreign policy. Students will be introduced to major approaches to the study of European foreign policy. Furthermore, the course will provide students with an understanding of how key actors – e.g. states and EU institutions interact in foreign policy. Case studies will illustrate parts of the course, ensuring an integration of theoretical and empirical practical knowledge. // ECTS Card

Professor: Knud Erik JORGENSEN