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ŁAZOWSKI Adam & ROSIAK Przemysław Kamil - From Member to Neighbour: Law and Politics of Brexit (8h)

The objective of this Course is to familiarise the students with political and legal aspects of Brexit. It takes students on a historical journey going back to the origins of UK’s accession to the European Communities and its solid track record of a difficult, yet rather loyal Member State.
As a starting point, the first session will focus on the political and legal background of UK’s accession to the European Communities. In particular, the lecturer will pay attention to the main issues raised before the entry as well as to the exit referendum held right afterwards. Furthermore, a quick glance into the British political system, the constitutional set-up and roots of Euro-scepticism will facilitate better understanding of reasons behind Brexit. This will pave the way for the second session dedicated to Article 50 TEU, its main procedural parameters and how it was interpreted for the purposes of the Brexit negotiations. Attention will be paid to the sequencing of talks, which not only determined the pace of the negotiations but also gave the European Union the upper hand in exit talks. The third session will focus on the Withdrawal Agreement, its substance and the institutional framework it provides for. The students will be familiarised with provisions governing the guaranteed rights of EU/UK citizens, the Protocol on Northern Ireland/Ireland as well as the institutional framework and dispute settlement modus operandi.
Post-Brexit Relations between the EU and the UK will be the centre of gravity of the fourth session. As the starting point, the short-lived transitional period will be looked at. This will be followed by analysis of the Political Declaration annexed to the Withdrawal Agreement and the negotiations of future agreements between the EU and the UK. The seminar will focus on the drafts of agreements presented by both sides, the main stumbling blocks during the talks and their final outcome. The negotiations will be looked at from a holistic perspective, taking into account the post-Brexit political climate, the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and the economic fallout that followed. The next session will shift the focus to the impact of Brexit on the European Union. The lecturer will pay attention to future development of EU law, implications of Brexit for the EU decision-making and the EU budget. The closing session will focus on the impact of Brexit on the European Neighbourhood Policy, in particular on the role of the UK in development and implementation of the ENP and its financing. // ECTS Card

Professors: Adam ŁAZOWSKI & Kamil ROSIAK