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LUFF David & BAKER Paul - Policy Toolbox: Assessing Macroeconomic and Regulatory Risks in the Global Economy (8h)

Whilst the globalized economy has become more open and integrated, with increasing prominence of global production networks and cross-border value chains in international trade, the world is facing a potential paradigm shift, with added risks of protectionism in major markets. On a number of fronts, from the UK’s Brexit, to Euro systemic risks, the global COVID-19 pandemic, or Trump’s unpredictable economics, to increasingly sophisticated policy instruments that dampen the free flow of trade and investment, opportunities and risk in international trade and investment are increasing. Beyond purely economic and regulatory risks, environmental, political and security risks also create unexpected challenges to global production networks. The course will explore the tools at the disposal of executives to manage the risks and leverage opportunities arising from macro-economic and regulatory shifts, while also highlighting examples of other risks.

The course is an introduction to the indicators and data used to determine shifts as well as forecast and make predictions. The course will cover some critical indicators necessary for a CEO’s dashboard, including financial, monetary, trade, currency, and regulatory policies. The course will provide examples of applications and is intended to develop skills in critically interpreting the risks, familiarizing students with tools to quantify and respond to appropriate questions surrounding risks, and develop skills of presentation, listening and constructive questioning.

The course is short and will focus particularly on three critical areas—the dynamics of globalization, the drivers of global business conditions, and the impact of national policies on economic performance and business strategy. // ECTS Card

Professors: LUFF David & BAKER Paul