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MARINIELLO Mario - Digital Economy (20h)

The course will cover aspects of European digital integration from an economist's perspective; it will provide students with an analytical framework to understand and discuss the European Commission’s policies in the digital domain. The 'fil-rouge' of the course will be the European Commission's Digital Single Market's strategy and related initiatives. The approach will be both theoretical and pragmatic: the goal of the course is to prepare students to give an informed and economically sound advice to a hypothetical EU Commissioner for digital affairs. The course will be structured around 5 main themes: Theme 1, Towards a Digital Single Market, covering the historical background, the current global trends and digital policies across the world, the Digital Single Market strategy, some key facts about the European digital economy and examples of digital disruption and innovation; Theme 2: Digital Infrastructure, covering telecoms, the data economy and cyber-security; Theme 3: Digital Markets, covering competition policy in digital markets, on-line platforms and audio-visual, copyright, e-Commerce, and the collaborative economy; Theme 4: Digital Society, covering digital skills and the future of work, emerging technologies, democracy, facts and information in a digitised society; and finally, Theme 5: Artificial Intelligence, covering artificial intelligence as a broad theme encompassing everything touched upon during the course. // ECTS Card

Professor: Mario MARINIELLO