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MARZINOTTO Benedicta - EU Macro-economic Policies (20h)

This course examines macroeconomic policies in the European Union (EU). It starts off by providing students with solid foundations in macroeconomics and international economics, indulging on the notion of the exchange rate; the way in which it affects the economy; and the operation and role of capital markets before and after the financial crisis. Additional details are provided to better understand the rationale and operationalization of the EU fiscal and monetary policy framework, the unfolding of the 2010 Euro debt crisis and of the recent Coronavirus pandemic as well as EU responses to both crises. The course concludes with a reflection on scars left after the Covid economic crisis and a discussion of the reforms necessary to complete the European Monetary Union. The course builds extensively on knowledge acquired in the course “EU Economic Governance” and is further enriched with “Doing economics” sessions that aim to make students familiar with basic macroeconomic analysis. // ECTS Card

Professor: Benedicta MARZINOTTO