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MAYR-HARTING Thomas & GURBA Bartlomiej - EU Energy Policy-Making in Practice: The Case of Nord Stream 2 (8h)

The Course will enable students to acquire better understanding of: 1) policy and regulatory framework in the field of the EU energy policy; 2) the EU's external relations with main gas suppliers with particular emphasis on EU-Russia cooperation; 3) individual Member States positions/priorities; 4) the EU-decision making process and the specificities of negotiations in an EU framework. The simulation game will be on negotiations of the new legal act (a draft Directive) concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas. The game will take place in one of the Council formations (e.g. energy working group) and will consist of two negotiation rounds in the particular Council setup (Presidency, other EU Member States and European Commission). // ECTS Card

Professors: Thomas MAYR-HARTING & Bartolomiej GURBA