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MIKOS-SKUZA Elżbieta - Introduction to International Humanitarian Law (within the framework of a seminar organized with the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva - open to external participants) (17h)

The Course is organized jointly by the College of Europe and the International Committee of the Red Cross. It is open not only to students of the College of Europe, but also to external participants, mainly national experts and postgraduate students in Law and Administration, International Relations, Political Science, Diplomacy, European Studies, Journalism and other related fields.

The aim of the seminar is to familiarize participants with present and emerging challenges that the international community is confronted with in the domain of humanitarian protection and assistance to civilians, including migrants, in times of armed conflicts and with their legal framework. Accordingly, academics and practitioners in the field of humanitarian aid and EU affairs will address key issues related to the interpretation and implementation of IHL by the international community, including European Union, referring to concrete examples of recent and contemporary armed conflicts.

The course is followed by an optional simulation game created by the UNHCR and designed to put participants through the experience of being a refugee fleeing war or persecution. // ECTS Card

Professor: Elżbieta MIKOS-SKUZA