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MORENO-LAX V. - The EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice : Internal and External Dimensions (25h)

The course will provide a detailed overview of the state and development of the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ), paying attention to the position of EU citizens and third-country nationals. It will begin with a general introduction to the history of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), by placing cooperation in this field within its wider political context, emphasising its relationship with the establishment of a Single Market and the EU as an area without internal frontiers for the realisation of trans-national freedom of movement. It will then examine the rapid evolution of EU competence and institutional arrangements and the effect these have had on the evolution of FSJ law and policy. The course will continue with an in-depth examination of the AFSJ’s main components, in both their internal and external facets, including common borders, immigration, asylum, security, and co-operation in criminal matters, in particular regarding the fight against terrorism. Attention will be paid to the decision-making processes, the body of legislation, and its implementation, as well as the impact of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in shaping policy. The rise of new agencies and their role as internal and external players in the JHA framework will also be explored.

Professor: Violeta MORENO-LAX

ECTS card 2020-2021