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NATORSKI Michał - The Practices of Project Management in the EU’s Foreign Policy towards the Neighbourhood (8h)

The Eastern and Southern neighbourhood of the EU faces arduous processes of political, social and economic transformations. What is the role of the EU in the transformations in the neighbourhood? How does the EU balance economic, democratization, institutional and security priorities in practices of its engagement in the neighbourhood? This workshop addresses these questions by introducing the most important modality of the EU’s intervention in the neighbourhood: projects funded by the financial instruments of EU foreign policy. During the workshop students will develop their skills of project management following step-by-step explanation of the Logical Framework Approach methodology employed by the EU in the neighbourhood. As a result, workshop based on real-life examples and practical exercises will develop students’ awareness and capacity to engage in the processes of democratization, state transformation and conflict resolution in the framework of the EU-funded projects in the neighbourhood. // ECTS Card

Professor: Michał NATORSKI