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REIJNDERS C. - Developing Leadership – An Experiential Approach to Unlocking Leadership Potential (25h)

The purpose of this course is to experience and reflect on your self-leadership capabilities and on what kind of leader you want to be in this world. 
The components of developing leadership are increasing self-awareness and self- management in order to manage relationships and to engage people more effectively with the purpose of achieving a common organisation goal. Group dynamics, leading across cultures and leading people effectively through change will be explored in an experiential way. 
Experiential learning is a different approach from intellectual learning only, in so far that it enables people to learn and develop by moving through an emotional learning curve, i.e. gaining awareness of feelings and behaviours that emerge whilst growing self-awareness and learning new skills. Self-held theories or theories acquired from intellectual learning - from central sessions, literature - are put to the test during hands-on activities. The learning is then mutually and individually extracted from the experience and becomes personalised to the individuals and the group in which they’re working. 
This course is designed to make you think, explore, challenge yourself and apply the learning of self-leadership and leadership within your context. 
“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him find it within himself.” Galileo Galilei 

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