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ROUSSELET Kathy & SHEIKH Naveed - Church-State Relations and the Role of Religious Movements in the EU's Neighbourhood / Les relations Eglises-Etat et le rôle des mouvements religieux dans les pays voisins de l'Union européenne (20h)

This seminar-based course introduces the student to the role of religious movements and the impact of institutionalized religion within the sixteen countries that are covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy. The course discusses the key fault lines and frictions pertaining to the politics of religion in a set of case-studies that serve to illustrate the diversity of religious claims, and their societal effects, within the European neighbourhood, both eastwards and southwards.

The course is divided into two parts, consisting of five 2-hour seminars in each part for a total class time of 20 hours. Part I will deal with the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood, namely Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Part II will cover the ENP countries of the Middle East and North Africa, namely  Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria. // ECTS Card

Professors: Kathy ROUSSELET & Naveed SHEIKH