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SMITH Michael - Perspectives in European and International Security (20h)

Situating European security and defense practice in its structures, explaining actors and processes, this course will trace the development of the problems/threats, institutions, resources, actors, and consensual knowledge which drive security policy.  Building on traditional theories of international relations and regional/European integration, the course will adopt a political analysis framework devised by the instructor to assess Europe’s approach to contemporary security challenges, involving both traditional and alternative (or human security) problems.

The course will move from traditional levels of analysis, that is the impact of global power configurations on Europe and state-centric approaches to security, to more recent approaches such as individual/human-centric concepts.  From these perspectives, the course will consider the extent to which Europe conforms to notions of a regional security community or military alliance.

The course involves a combination of lectures and seminars, the latter of which will mainly be relying on group discussions informed by the lectures and readings.  The course also aims to establish knowledge on how security is defined and practiced by key actors or stakeholders, which actors are relevant in the security field, and how academic research contributes but also critically assesses these policies. // ECTS CardECTS Card

Professor: Michael E. SMITH