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TYUSHKA Andriy - The EU, Russia and the Adjacent Neighbourhood: power, performance, and perceptions (8h)

This Compact Seminar explores the multitude of strategic triangular interactions between the European Union, Russia and their adjacent Neighbourhood (EURUN) through the lens of exercise and perception of power projection across a number of dimensions – from hard to soft, smart, normative, and structural power.

In EU–Russia interactions as well as their relations with the adjacent neighbourhood (the so-called ‘shared’, ‘contested’, or ‘common’ neighbourhood; ‘lands in between’ or ‘double borderlands’), the notion of ‘power’ is often a neglected dimension of analysis (with a clear bias towards ‘Normative Power Europe’ perspective that has so far dominated the debate on the EU’s power exercise abroad). A series of crises in the EU’s neighbourhood – from the ‘Arab spring’ to the ‘Ukraine crisis’ – clearly manifested the pressing need for the EU not only to promote its values and principles abroad, but also to be able and ready to defend them – especially against the background of rising competition for influence, or power contestation, emanating from other actors in the region such as a growingly assertive Russia.

This compact seminar aims to familiarize students with the many dimensions of power (from hard to soft, smart, normative and structural power) and power projection practices, or performance (from economic and foreign and security policy cooperation to strategic partnerships, alignment and integration), manifested in the EU’s and Russia’s relations with their ‘common neighbourhood’, as well as the neighbourhood’s own perception of such a power-competitive dynamics. Both foreign policy doctrines, legal, economic and discursive policy practices will be examined against the backdrop of IR/FPA literature on power (and power politics), international cooperation, competition, and integration, thus rendering the power-performance-perception nexus being the main dimension in the study of strategic interactions between the European Union, Russia and their adjacent neighbourhood. // ECTS Card

Professor: Andriy TYUSHKA