TOCCI N. - Policy Advice in European Foreign Policy (8h)

In European foreign policy, whether one works within EU or Member State institutions or in the wider foreign policy community featuring think tanks and NGOs, professional associations and academia, what is the best way to ensure policy impact? How to provide policy advice in a manner that is most likely to resonate with political decision-makers? This seminar will analyse the European Union’s role in the world through a double lens: that of the insider and outsider to the EU institutional setting. In both cases, the seminar will explore the different ways in which we can influence European foreign policy making, and the reasons why some approaches may be more effective than others. To do so it will focus on the practical experience of working on the EU Global Strategy, an exercise which included both dense institutional work with Member States and EU institutions, and a number of external countries and organizations, as well as a broad process of public engagement with think tanks, universities and civil society organizations. The style and method of work in the seminar will be highly interactive, featuring short presentations and practical examples with the active participation of all students.

Professor: Nathalie TOCCI

Academic year
2021 - 2022
First semester
Course type
Compact seminars
ECTS Points