BAILEY M. & JURETZKI B. - EU Digital Law and Policies (30h)

Professors: Martin BAILEY & Björn JURETZKI

Assistant: Thibault Besnier

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The digital economy permeates all aspects of society, including the way people interact, the economic landscape, the skills needed to get a good job, and even political decision-making. Our emerging digital economy has the potential to generate new scientific research and breakthroughs, fuelling job opportunities, economic growth, and improving how people live their lives. To reap these benefits, however, investments in infrastructure, research and skills and solid legal frameworks are needed at the EU level and in Member States.

The goal of this course is to give a comprehensive overview of all relevant digital policies and legislation on the EU level and to familiarise students with working methods in the European Commission. At the end of the course, participants will have developed a better understanding of the ubiquitous character of digital technologies and the interconnected, holistic nature of digital. 

Academic year
2022 - 2023
Second semester
Course type
Optional courses
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