RADAELLI C. - Regulatory Reform in the EU : Analysis and Practice (8h)

Professor Claudio RADAELLI

In this workshop we discuss the topic of Better Regulation. We will learn where it comes from, look at its global diffusion, and then focus on the Better Regulation Strategy of the EU with three perspectives. The first perspective is historical: why is the EU committed to better regulation? What does this label mean for the European Commission? What is the constellation of actors that historically has promoted this strategy? Is the new Commission like to change anything? The second perspective is about the content of the strategy. What are the policy instruments of better regulation? What have they delivered? Are they adequate? The third perspective is forward-looking and when necessary critical: Does the Commission regulate ‘better’ for growth and competitiveness? What’s in it for EU citizens? Do the Commission and the Council want the same thing? Does the Parliament make use of evidence-based policy to exercise scrutiny?

We will answer these questions by building practical knowledge around the toolbox of better regulation, with emphasis on impact assessment, consultation and ex-post legislative evaluation. We will then relate policy instruments to the life cycle of regulatory policy, introducing and discussing regulatory oversight and indicators of regulatory management.

Some of the findings presented at the workshop arise out of the European Research Council’s project Protego, Procedural Tools for Effective Governance. This means that you will be able to ‘visit’ the shopfloor of Protego, learn about data gathering and have a first-hand experience of the analyses produced in recent months.

We do not envisage presentations by students but we count on your active participation in class throughout the two days.


Academic year
2022 - 2023
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