"The 2011 Government of the Future Summit" in Brussels


Tuesday 17.05.11



On 17 May 2011, 20 students from the Department of Political and Administrative Studies participated in "The 2011 Government of the Future Summit" in Brussels.

This event was jointly organised by the Lisbon Council, Accenture and the College of Europe and was be attended by key policy makers, political leaders and senior representatives from European public sector agencies.

Mr Jean-Claude JUNCKER, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the Eurogroup, gave a lecture on "The Crisis and Economic Governance".

The students have been working in four teams with public service agencies across Europe for eight months, looking at EU-wide and international best practices and proposing innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing the public sector.

They presented their case studies:

1) developing employment and skills in Rome

2) securing sustainable public finances in Oslo

3) strengthening public health provision in Valencia

4) modernising welfare in Brussels

developing employment and skills in Rome

Enter the government change agents, Accenture Byline (2/06/2011)