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Business Link EU-West Flanders


Monday 05.10.15



Did you know that no less than 60% of European purchasing power is located within a 500 km radius of the province of West Flanders?

Did you know that if the vegetables on your plate were frozen at one point in time, chances are they came from West Flanders?



Did you know that entrepreneurs in the West Flanders region are developing revolutionary synthetic textiles and materials, producing "blue" energy, and have an important role in the creative industries and media sector?

The 64 cities and municipalities of West Flanders are a nerve centre close to the European institutions and decision-making power. West Flanders is the only province in Belgium which has direct access to the sea, and it is surrounded by strong economic regions such as the Randstad in the Netherlands to the north, the French Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing metropolis to the south, and London to the west.

The province of West Flanders has generously invited a group of 50 students from the College of Europe to get to know the province that will be their home for the coming academic year. The program included a meeting with local businesses. Participants will got a chance to listen to the CEO of Vyncke Energy, Mr Dirk VYNCKE, and the CEO of Barco, Mr Eric VAN ZELE. Vyncke Energy is an innovative international energy company which has been family-owned and based in West Flanders for over 4 generations. Barco N.V. is also based in West Flanders, and is an established international electronics manufacturer specializing in digital cinema projection and video projectors.



  • 08:00 Departure to Kuurne at Komvest, Brugge.
  • 09:00 Welcome by Ann TAVERNIER, Director of External Relations and European Programmes, West Flanders Province.
  • 09:10 Introduction to the economic assets of West Flanders by Robrecht DECLERCQ, POM West Flanders.
  • 09:40 Impact of the EU on West Flemish companies by Dirk VYNCKE, CEO Vyncke Energy and Eric VAN ZELE, CEO Barco.
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 10:45 Visit of Barco
  • 12:45 Final remarks
  • 13:00 Departure to Brugge
  • 14:00 Arrival at Komvest, Brugge

This was an event organized by the Province of West Flanders, in cooperation with the College of Europe European Economic Integration and Business specialization. 

The event was open for all students of the College of Europe. Please register to guarantee your place on the bus.

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact Gil Stein - gil.stein [at]